How  A Natural Chinese Formula
Saved My Marriage From
7Years Infertility Issue


In a society like Nigeria, When it comes to the issue of getting pregnant and bearing a child, the women are always the subject of the matter, this is because they are majorly charged with the responsibility of facing the problem and consequences.

The issue related to infertility and pregnancy has sent many women away from their marital home, it has also scattered many "happy home" dues to the woman's inability to find a solution.

If You Really Want To Cary A Child of Your Own Within some months time, Regardless of Whatever You Have gone through in the past, Then You Need To Take Your Time To Read My Story.





This is because when you read this story from begining to the end, you will not only find permanent solution to any issue related to infertility, you will also be a mother within some months .  The Issue related to infertility will become a byegone. You'll  become the doctor of yourself and say good bye to pregnancy related issues for life.

The 7 Years Journey without a Taste of Pregnancy

My name is Sandra (Mrs Kalu) I got married since April 2007 when I was 28.
As a new bride who has finally hooked up with the best man in her life, I actually thought the next thing after marriage is to relax and enjoy my happy home.

But Reverse Was The Case for Me

After my Wedding in April 2005, I was actually expecting an Instant pregnancy. This is because I was too sure of my self due to the things we use to hear when we were in school that only women who had gone through many termintions usually find it dificult to get pregnant.

Since I have not gotten pregnant before talkless of terminating, I was expecting that I will conceive at least within the some months of our marriage, but, the case was totally different.  May till December 2007  was my trying time.  I tried everything  within my capacity to get pregnant,  including frequently making love in a time that I believe its right, with all these...there was still nothing special, Not even a sign of conception.

The case became clear to me when it was time for our first wedding anniversary.

It was exactly one year and I was still been reffered to as "Our wife" an abnormal title for a married woman who does not have a child to call her name with.

I am aware that when people address you with this title, it means that there is no child to call you with (Mummy Somebody).

I Became Despirate to Find Solution to Infertility Issue

Although at first, I don't want to believe that anything was wrong with me ( which is normal for every woman) But the despiration began in 2007 when both my family and my husband's  family member started presurising me. 

 The wahala from my husband's family was so much that I could not concentrate on most things.  I and my mother inlaw became  cat and a rat.  Anytime she comes for a visit, I usually become unstable even when she has not mention childless case.   I became scared, because I don't know what my mother inlaw is capable of doing ( Maybe getting a new wife for my husband).

In order to save my marriage, I registered for gynecology support where I was been diagnosed for Horm-onal Imbalanc-e.  I started taking some Suppli-ments as prescribed by my gynecologist.  Although they are very expensive but the amount it cost cannot buy my marriage.

After 10months of taking them, the condition remain thesame.

And These are Saddest Days I will Never Forget

The fact that I don't have a child yet pushed me to many insult, both directly and indirectly. for example;

Some people who came for our wedding two years ago will stylishely ask me "when will you call us to come and eat rice"  Whenever I am asked this question, I become sad and unstable. So In order to avoid this question, 
                                                Going to some places become difficult for me


This was a turning point for me.

It was as If God has seen all my struggle and he decided to put an end to it.

On October 2012 ( 7years since I have been battling with infertility issue),  I met one of my old school mate whose name is Ronke.   Ronke was my secondary school class mate and my best friend when we where in secondary school.

Ronke is now married with 2kids.

  I and Ronke exchanged contact again and I explained what I am going through ever since I was married.

Ronke looked at me with a sorry face. She said she also have a friend who went through similar issue but now, she's a happy mom.  She promised to take me to her in order for us to know the source of her solution.

When we got to Ronke's friend,  I was explaining my situation and water almost start dropping from my eyes.  After I finish explaining myself,  Her words were amazing... this was exactly what she said;

"Am so sorry Sandra, Although I was also in your shoe for 3 good years untill I was able to find a permanent solution.  I was battling with hormonal imbalance with a very big fibroid. After two years and series of expensive medication, I later got a friend who gave me a Natural Fertility Manual written by a Nigerian Natural Fertility Therapist.     The Manual guided me on how to use a Chinese Natural Method.

The Method in this Manual was what I practiced for 30 to 45days and today; 
The Chinese Method Explained in the Manual cured my Issues within 2 months.

I am a happy mom. 
I never believed that I can get pregnant by simply practicing some Natural activities and taking some Natural and nutritional steps.  But the Manual really proved me wrong Because It Simply explained a Particular Chinese Method to Cure any Infertility Issues."  

After she finish saying this, I could not wait for her to tell me where to get the Natural Fertility Manual she was talking about. Even if it will cost a fortune, I don't care.

  I couldn't wait for this opportunity, So I Quickly asked her if she still have a copy of the Manual she was talking about.

Unfortunately, She said she has given it out to a friend...I was sad!

Before we finally left, Ronke's friend gave me the link to the website where I could also get the Natural Ferti-lity Manual that has guide her to also become a mother.

 And Since I am so despirate,   I Just had to go to the website to also obtain the  Manual  for N10,500
( This was like a 'chiken change' compares to how much I have spent).

I make sure I work on the formular that is shared in the  Manual at least once a day.

After 30 Days that I have been Practicing this Chinese Natural Method;

I started seeing some amazing result...

  • I Felt some changes in my Body System
  • My Menses  which was abnormal since, started flowing normally
  • I was able to feel like a woman.

It was like a 'Jazz' to me...

So I concluded in my mind that this is a reality and I tried it even more...

Within the second month I have been trying this Natural Mathod, I became pregnant of my first baby  who is now 6.    My Joy was Overflown!  Even when I have'nt delivered, I begin to feel like a mom already.   Thanks to the Natural Fertility Manual and also to Sandra who exposed me to this Natural Method.

It would'nt have been posible.

If you also need the link to the Natural Fertility Manual,
I will share the link below incase you or anyone you know also needs it.

Click Here:





As a Nigerian blogger, Apart from the fact that his blog is based on helping women,   I also know what they are going through in order to have a child of their own.  I have simply decided to share this story to motivate most who are going through the issue of infer-tility. Sometimes, you may just need to go through some people's story ( Such as mine)  to motivate yourself and know that your's is not the worse.

Infertility is a common thing in Nigeria, But if you get an Effective Natural Solution, It becomes simple.

The story is also meant to provide a solution to many people's problem by going through the Chinese Natural Method.

Although, the solution to your problem is sometimes around you and all you need is to take the advantage.  Just a single information given to me by Ronke's friend has changed my marriage today.  My husband is now a happy father of two children.  I can now face people and talk in the society without any stigma of being childless.   Thanks to the Natural Fertility Manual and Sandra who show me the way.

Once Again, Below is the link to the Natural Fertility Therapist's Website. Just Click the link and it will take you to the page.



I wish you success!

PrincessSandraBlog (PSB)


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