The Ancient Chinese Natural Formula Most Nigerian Women  Now Use to Get Pregnant
within 60Days

Dear Soon-to-be Mother,

Either you have NEVER been pregnant before ( because you find it difficult), maybe you've experienced it once and lost it due to miscarriage or maybe you need a second child, then this is the most interesting message you will ever read this year. 

If you pay close attention and read it from beginning to the end, you will be carrying your baby in 10 months from now, I assure you.


In a society like Nigeria,  after the noise of the wedding, honeymoon and when everyone had gone back to their different destinations, the next expectation from a woman is to join the league of mothers...No story!

It is a normal thing that people from your society begin to expect, a heavy stomach and if this does not happen within a certain period of time, you begin to answer different questions, some will be pushed to you jokingly and some will even make a direct confrontation.  After 12 good months of the wedding, If a woman has not delivered a baby or already in pregnancy, she is automatically considered infertile.

Once this happens, most women begin to spend money on gynaecology and more fertility supplements, they begin to find a solution from different sources, If the problem persists, the woman begins to lose her self-esteem and start to feeling inferior, this is because she doesn't want to become a "Pitty Subject" or a laughing stock in the society.

Although Infertility is Not Only A Woman Thing

Most study has shown that infertility in some cases are due to the Man's inability to fertilize woman's egg. But in the case of a society like Nigeria, the women are always the subject of the matter, this is because they are majorly charged with the responsibility of facing the problem and consequencies.

The issue of infertility and pregnancy has sent many women away from their marital home, it has also scattered many "happy home" dues to the woman's inability to find proper solution.

No matter the Infertility challenge you are having now...

Mr and Mrs Daramola Had a Worse Case

I am Coach Amuda, a Natural Fertlity Therapist. Since I started practicing as a fertility coach back in 2008, I have seen Many Nigerian women with different stories.  Regardless of the tribe and age. In Nigeria, at least 1 out of every 4 couples suffer from one fertility issue or the other after wedding.  If you have ever been in the situation of a just wedded couple who is not having a child after one year, you will understand what I am talking about.

In 2010, I met  a Lagos Base couple who have been married for 5years.  Mr. & Mrs Daramola have done everything they could to ensure they at least have a child of their own. When I said everything they could, I mean they have taken every genecological steps, invested alot on fertility drugs, spent money on fertility supliments and treatment, But after 5 years and many fertility treatments, they are still only a family of two... 

They were frustrated and tired of expenses. Before we met, they had finally decided to give up, but the wife was charged with the following challenge;

  • How to cope with a life without children
  • How she will cope with her own family and her husband's family pressure
  • How people will see her in the community.

If you ask me, this are greatest challenges a childless woman can face in a society like Nigeria. And even apart from this, staying without a child of your own is a problem that is almost if not totally impossible to give up upon even at age 67.

The worst part is that anyone with this issue will keep spending money on different drugs, gynecological specialist and treatment just to make sure they find solution.

It is not an EASY Experience

I know how it feels to be married without having a child.  It's not a situation anyone want to experience even just for one year.  

 In 2010, I started working with the Lagos based couple I mentioned above (Mr & Mrs. Daramola).  Mrs Daramola had been dignosed for the Highest prolactin level I can never imagine in a woman not only that, she was also diagnosed for  Endometriosis. The situation was critical.   Since the prolactin was in the highest level and she also has Endometriosis, her doctor had concluded that the only remedy is a 50/50 surgical treatment (sugery).

Herbal Supplements Failed  Her

 Putting fear aside, no one is ready to risk her life for a 50/50 surgical treatement. So I adviced that she try Herbal supliments ( the kind of expensive advice I had never given to anyone before). My advice prompted her to start trying different Natural Suppliments of both high and low price, she tried this for over 5months, using them Back-to-Back as prescribed by the makers, the supliments was  a great dissapointment, despite all the money and time, there was no changes .

She was tired and am not confortable with that. I feel like I am adding to her problem, so I told her to stop buying or using any other Drugs or Herbal Suppliments.

After two months I asked her to stop taking suppliments, I started searching for solutions that could sought this kind of different infertility issues at once with alot of research and consultations to different gynecological and Natural Fertility exparts both in Nigeria and abroad.

To cut the long story short, I was able to reach two people who have been practicing in china for sometimes and we had a Natural Solution to Mrs. Daramola's Issue, Easy Solution that requires no stress, this solution is a normal way of curring any pregnancy related issue in China using the Chinese Natural Method.  It was used by Chinese women in the olden days.  This Solution was a Bus-stop to the infertility problem of Mrs. Daramola, I know at first, she does not believe this method could sought her mountanious infertility problem.  But today, She's a happy mother.

Why Am I Saying This?

I know you may have been silently going through fertility issue and be looking for a solution to this immense. 

I know you want to get off the pain and shame of childlessness and have a child you can also call your own...

I also know many people (Just like you)  are tired of buying all these pregnancy suppliments that never work and need a quick and Easier solution to every fertility Issues.

But what if I can tell you this proven special and Chinese Natural Formula you can start using immediately and get pregnant in the next 30days even if you are 45-year-old...

Would you take it and use it?

After this Chinese Natural Fertility Method worked for Mrs. Daramola in 2013, in October 2015, she gave an advice that the only way to distribute this soluion to reach larger amount of women is by writing and documenting it.  Since the solution is what anyone can actually practice and its not possible to have a direct consultation with every women who need fertility help in Nigeria.

Some Months after, I yeild to this advice and find it reasonable and since we were able to have this solution documented,  It has worked for over 157 women from different locations accross Nigeria between June 2017 and this year (2018)...while more are still counting.

It worked for them because they  took advantage of it and followed the step-by-step guideline .

Most of the women who got the it in the past have been greatful and they constantly show their appreciation through calls and Messages (I will show you their testimony below)

This Fertility Manual is now Available to you too, I hope you also take a
good advantage of it, use it to turn around your pregnancy status within the next 90Days.


The Natural Fertility Ignition Manual

A guaranteed way to solve any Infertility issue Using the Chinese Natural
Method to get a "positive" result within 90days.

This Fertility Manual is Only for the Following People;

  • A woman who have been married for at least 6months without pregnancy Or who has been married for up to one year without a child.
  • A woman who is going through secondary infertility. (Someone who is unnable to concieve after the first child).
  • A woman who need a permanent, easy (and natural) solution to the issue of Infertility or premature abortion.

                   Whatever you have been Diagnosed with...

Hormonal Imbalance
Block Fallopian Tube
Irregular Menstruation
Poor Egg Health
Uterine Fibroid or Ovarian Cyst
Uterine Scarring
Sperm Leakage

or even a more complex inferility or pregnancy issue, or maybe your doctor simply said you are fine and you've not been seeing 'positive' result. 

 I have got good news for you.

Like Mrs Daramola (the woman I mentioned above), You too may have also spent alot of money on gynecological treatment or buying of more and more Drugs and Herbal Suppliments that does not work, but the method in this Natural Fertility Ignition Manual will expose you to a more better way to get pregnant by adopting the chinese natural ( do-it-yourself)  method. 

This natural ways means using the natural and common recipes you already know,  including even the food you eat to cure different types of pregnancy issues and boost your fertility rate in not more than 90Days.

The good thing is, Apart from the normal nutritional and body activities you need to perform, all other recipes you need to practice this step-by-step method are right in your nose.   And for the sake of Understanding, I have stated their names in every Nigerian languages (Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba) with pictures of each.

Let's  Get  Something Right

...this Manual is not a magic machine. It is meant to Expose  you to some Fast Method of getting pregnant naturally by performing some daily activities that have worked for many people. It will also expose you to some common Natural recipes that are effective and specialises in treating infertility problems.

The Manual will take you through a 30days Action plan where you'll be instructed on Day-by-Day activity to perform for the next 30days in order to troubleshoot and regain your Fertility health.
In simple terms, the Natural Fertility Ignition Manual is a Do-it-yourself (DIY) Guideline that contains a step by step method to use in order to be sure anything that can hinder pregnancy in your body system is sorted out.

So, Having Said all these, Let me Quickly show you Some Tidbits Inside the Natural Fertility Ignition
Manual  That Will Help You to Get Pregnant Naturally::

Chapter 3 of the Manual will Teach You How to Use some Natural Ingredients you can get from your Backyard to Cure Different Infertility Issues.  These Igredients are effective that they can cure any Infertility Problem even at the age of 53:         You will be exposed to how you can use some Natural Ingredient to cure different types of infertility issue. These ingredients are natural things we are used to, which can easily be found in our environments but, we don't know the use and benefit.   You will be exposed to how you can use them to improve your fertility rate within a space of 60Days.

For Example;  Do you know that Wonderful kola (Hydrocotyle asiata  or Obi Abata in Yoruba, Uke in Igbo and gofu kola in Hausa) can cure up to 3 different fertility problems?  You will find out more of things like this in chapter 2 of the Natural Fertility Ignition Manual.

Improving Your Egg's Quality in 40Days:        One of the major problem women battle with is egg quality. When your egg does not have enough quality to fertilize a sperm.  The Natural Fertility Ignition will expose you to the ways you can improve your egg by taking you through a 30days No-fail plan that makes a woman eggs more healthy and ready for ferterlization.

Eating yourself to Pregnant (Day by Day Fertility Nutritional Plan): 
The Natural Fertility Ignition Manual will take you through some Fertility Nutritional Plan which is being used by chinese women to improve and boost their fertility  rate.  This method alone may put a bus-stop to some people's infertility issues.

Miscarriage Erase:    In the Chapter four of the Natural Fertility Ignition Manual, you will learn the 5 unique things to do daily if you are pregnant in order to avoid misscariage and Natural foods in your area to eat that prevent miscarriage most expecially in your first and second trimester.

 60Days Fertility Action Plan (FWC):    After you are well educated on the things you should do and things not to do, the Natural Reciepes you need and how to use them. In chapter 5 of the Natural Fertility Ignition Manual,  Together, we'll go through a 30-days Fertility Workout Challenge (FWC) where you will learn the things to do, things to eat and things to drink from day one up till the next 15days.  This FWC has given many women a positive result in the year 2018.

Report Says 50%  of the Total Nigerian Married
Couples Suffers from Infertility Issue

A statistical report has revealed that 20-25 percent of the total number of  Nigerian couples are childless.  They cannot fulfil their family dreams while trying different fertility-boost methods. This 20-25 percent of infertility in Nigeria is for couples that are officially married. Still, these numbers get higher every day.

According to the statistics reported by Medical institutions, up to 45 percent of all female consultations at most Nigerian clinics are regarding infertility treatment.
The issue has a huge negative impact on the social aspects of such couples lives. Couples that don’t have children suffer from excess social pressure. This is a big emotional stress and real psychological shock.

Why You Should Try This Ancient Chinese Method

Sometimes,  regardless of whatever is being diagnosed, most women can get pregnant using the natural method. Consistent trial of some body activities like exercise and healthy eating can cure some issue that has been affecting some women for years.

You Are Just One Step Away from A Positive Result?

Most often, I receive emails from people and they state many excuses why they may not be able to get this Fertility Manual.  Some make comments like "I would have loved to get this material, Infact I know I Need it So Much right now,  but, I Don't believe in buying things online anymore, I have paid for some Books in the Past and at last, I didn't get them. This is why I am scared"

Let me state in clear terms that I have made a very strong delivery system for this Fertility Manual. Immediately after your payment, the report will be delivered to the email provided.

I used the email option so that you can Download and Redownload anytime you want (Even when you lost your current phone or Computer) So, I can boldly tell you that you have nothing to be scared about. Just make sure you follow the instruction below. 

If you have tried anything in the past that does not work, I want you to consider that as a bye-gone because that is about to stop now...

What People Who Have Benefited from The Natural Fertility Ignition Manual are Saying... 

Most people who got this Manual in the past are now proud mothers while some are healthily pregnant.   Check their testimonies below;

Testimony From Mrs. Adeniyi

The first testimonial is from Mrs Adeniyi a 44year old woman who have been married for 8years. Mrs Adeniyi was preparing for IVF before she ran through this Natural Fertility Ignition Manual,  she decided to give it a trial and practice the formulas, at exactly  12pm on 27th of February, she sent this message that she is 2 months pregnant.

Testimony From Ngozi

Ngozi Followed the Natural Fertility System explained in the Natural Fertility Ignition Manual, She is now a mother of twins. She sent me this message exactly when she was 4 month pregnant.

Testimony from Demilade

Demilade is a Lagos residence who is now a mother of a bouncy baby boy. She was one of the benefactors of the Natural Fertility Ignition Manual last year(2017)

How  Much?

Before I tell you the cost of this Fertility Manual, I want you to think of the value the 30 Days fertility booster will add to you and How much it will save you from wasting from unnecessary spending on different Drugs and  Supplements that don't work.

Sometimes, It is actually easy to achieve some certain things If you have the right information. 
Just like the saying; "What you don't know is older than you"

Some have been battling with childlessness for many years simply because they do not have the right information.

Now let me ask you a question;  

What is your value for getting your self-confidence, your self worth and making you and your partner happy again thereby restoring your marriage?

 Think About this...
If you finally grab this  Most Effective, Result Oriented Natural Pregnancy Method and you are finally able to Treat All Forms of Infertility and get your own baby within 10months from now,  You will never need to complaint of irregular periods,  pelvic infections, hormonal imbalances, High Prolatin level, Fibroid, Sparm leakage, Filopin blockage and other serious infertility related issue again.   This issues will now become a thing of the past to you.

I want you to consider the value of what you are getting.

It will save you lots of time and efforts and will finally put a smile on  your face.   

It will save you your  marriage and help you get back your husband affections and love just like you have always wanted. 

and the BIGGEST of it all...It will help you join the league of motherhood and feel like a mother.

How much will that feeling worth?

Some are even ready to spend anything to achieve this, but they did not have access to the kind of information you are reading now. 

The Value this fertility Manual will add to you is limitless!

Infact, if I want to price this Fertility Manual base on the value it will add to you, It will go beyond the average price of N8,450 but I won't do that because I want more people to benefit from the price slash offer.



Being overweight or underweight can make it hard for a woman to get pregnant. For example, polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is one of the most common reasons for Infertility in women. Overweight and obesity can affect fertility by Preventing a woman to ovulate. It also prevents fertility drugs from working with a woman's system.


If you place your order for "The Natural Fertility Ignition Manual"  when the Price Slash Offer  is still ongoing,    You will also get another book where you will learn The best day and time of the month and also the sex Position you need to concieve a baby Boy Apart from this, the book will also teach you how to Get pregnant of a BABY GIRL for those that desire a Baby Girl.

This Book alone worth the value of N3,750 in any of my Seminars,  but for the LIMITED TIME, I will be giving it as an extra bonus to this Natural Fertility Ignition.

If you leave and come back later, this bonus may not be available again.




Once you Order for the Natural Fertility Ignition Manual during this promo, you will be getting the Live Video that reveals the 9 Best Fertility Food You should take within 30 days to Conceive Faster.  This  Live Video is from Kehn Oghan,  A Chinese Natural Fertility  Expert.   The video is one of our Infertility Erase programme which is normally valued at 4,800 but for the meantime when the promo is on, you won't pay a dime to get it.


Get the Natural Fertility Ignition Manual Today
For Just...

Original Price:  16,300

Price Slash:     N6,850 Only

Once This Promo Offer Expires, This Manual Goes Back to the
Original Price of N16,300 and all the Bonuses will no longer be free also


1.     A  Copy of The Natural Fertility Ignition Manual        (Worth N7,750)

2.     My 30days Action Plan to Fitness  "Complete Guide to Weight Lost" book that will help you to shape your body system to normal pregnancy-ready weight.      (Worth N4,800)

3.   A copy of my Manual "Guide to Choose Next Baby Gender"   (Worth N3,750)

4.   Infertility Erase Video:   Which will show you Some amazing Secret to make any Man and woman's body system ready for pregnancy.    ( N4,800)

                    This simply means for the time this Price Slash offer is on, you'll be getting all the above                      Manuals  Worth 16,300 in total  for a little token of N6,850

I'll Help you Along the Way...

I don't want you to go this path alone. Which is why you will get access to 30 days of free email help from our experts with any health questions you might have as you put our guide to use in battling any infertility issue.

90DAYS Money Back Guarantee

The Guidelines in the Natural Fertility Ignition Manual is the Chinese best method of curing any problem of infertility. This Natural method is guaranteed to work for you if you use them as directed in the Manual. 

If you follow the guideline and you didn't get a great result within 60days, I'll actually refund your money.

I give this option so that you'll know that you have nothing to loose.

All I ask is that you give an honest effort.      

Remember it goes back to the original price soon...

It is Now Left to You...

At this 70% Price Slash promo price, you cannot say the Training is overpriced.

You cannot say it’s too expensive.

 You cannot say I hates you and do not want you to benefit from this new game changer strategies.

 For now, it’s cheap and anyone can afford it.
So there you go.

No excuses!

Only ONE THING Remaining for you to do

At this point, you already know that the "Natural Fertility Ignition Manual"  which has helped over 157 women will also help you to become a mother soon. This book will tell you everything you need to know about infertility and how you can get pregnant naturally with No painful procedure, No expensive medications and No Surgery.  Just natural methods that are safe and affordable.

The next thing to do right now is to invest N6,850 (Bonus price) to get started. 
Remember the  Price Slash Expires soon.

Ordering is simple.

Just follow the instruction below.



This Option is the FASTEST because it Gives you INSTANCE ACCESS to the Natural Fertility Ignition Manual.

All you need is an ATM card (Visa, Mastercard and Verve) and you will be able to pay through Paystack, the most popular payment processing company in Nigeria.

Click HERE or  click on the red button below and you will be taken to a Paystack Secure page where you can buy through your ATM CARD.

If your card details are correct and you have enough money in your bank account, you will be charged  and once your payment is successful, you will be redirected to the Download Page where you can  INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD the Book and Bonuses.


PAY THROUGH DIRECT BANK; If you Don't have an ATM Card
Paystack Now Allow You To Pay Directly Through Your Bank Account Using The Registered Phone No...If You Want To Use this Payment Option, After you click the red button blow, Fill your details,  Click 'Make Payment'  and Simply Select 'Bank'  Once the Payment is successful,  you'll be automatically redirected to where you can INSTANTLY Get the Blueprint.

OPTION 2 - PAY VIA BANK Transfer / 
Cash Deposit

Pay through Mobile Transfer, ATM Transfer, Cash Deposit, Paga, Quick Teller or any other Means.


Bank Name - A

NOTE: After the payment, SMS the following to

- Fertility Manual
- Your Account Name (or Depositor's Name If you use Cash Deposit)
- Your email address

Once your payment is confirmed, you will get a message from my support, this message will include the link to the page where you can download the Manual.


NOTE:  If you are having issue with ordering, Or you have any issue after payment, 
Please Contact my Support Team on : 08021 ( Monday - Friday 9:am - 6pm)

I wish you success as you become a mother soon.


Coach Amuda
Natural Fertility Therapist



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